7 Series

7 Series doors are for those who want options to perfectly match their home and style.

Expansive Options to Fit Your Style

Embrace your creative side and bring out the beauty in your home with our 7 Series custom garage doors. Choose from countless stain and finish options to bring the elegance of wood to your home or find the perfect color-matched paint. Our 7 Series products offer a wide selection of style options, including wood grain patterns and much more on our craftsman-built wood-over-steel garage doors. You can enjoy the stunning beauty of natural wood with the reliable protection and strength that only steel can provide.

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The 7 Series subpanel is 3-layer steel construction with Polyurethane-injected foam providing superior structural support and resistance to deterioration. In addition, the multi-layered steel sub panel is covered with a gorgeous wood overlay. So, you can rest assured your custom garage door is built for longevity.


Precision and superior craftsmanship go into every 7 Series custom garage door. All overlaid wood boards are glued and pocket-screwed to minimize separation. Our carpenters place fasteners in the base layer to ensure a clean appearance with advanced stability. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing every 7 Series door is handcrafted for optimal beauty and resilience.


For function and performance, every custom garage door in the Overlay Collection is built from a professional CAD (computer-aided design) drawing to ensure precision. Even a slight variance in a garage door can impact optimal performance and durability. Using this technology, we can guarantee the quality of our design and implantation on every 7 Series custom garage door.


Our Minnesota-built custom garage doors are designed to protect your home from the heat and sub-zero temperatures. Since garage doors are the single biggest surface and entrance to most homes, you want the best insulation. Every & Series door has a minimum R-Value of 12.9 or greater for maximum insulation and efficient climate control, which can save you money on your energy bills.


Create the perfect finish for your 7 Series custom garage door to enhance your home’s beauty and add to your curb appeal. Choose from hundreds of paint and stain options or provide a sample for color matching. Want a more detailed, customized appearance? Upgrade your new door with various wood overlay and pattern options not available in our 5 Series.

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After talking with six other door companies, I chose Overlay Collection because I was impressed with the knowledge and follow up of their sales person. Their service technicians made sure that all three of our doors perform exactly how we want them to. You do extremely good work and our doors perform extremely well. I don’t think that there’s been any work done on our house that I am more pleased with than my garage doors!

Overlay Collection provided me with hassle-free customer service and left my garage cleaned up. No mess left behind! It was stressful enough having a garage door that wouldn’t open during a difficult time in my life, but you sent me a competent and trustworthy technician. I appreciate your company’s quick response. Thank you for a positive customer service experience.

We LOVE our new door. I can’t believe how quietly it opens. It’s really an incredible design and it looks great! We went to the State Fair yesterday, and went through the home improvement areas. The garage doors we saw were all so cheesy. Really left us feeling quite smug about our door. You can definitely count on us for referrals.

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